About me

I’ m a Healer from generation to generation in my family, a Holistic Therapist and also an Artist. I practice natural healing, magnetism with hands, Reiki, Lahochi, Soul Reading. I sometimes also use crystals and healing instruments to support my work. I’m also a Writer.

I’m a committed woman at the service of love, life, and natural world, this same world we will leave to our children. I thrive on writing, singing, dancing, listening music, exercise and I flourish in nature, in calm and peaceful environments.

I offer my services in presence which included therapies, workshops in Edinburgh. All services could be in distance wherever you’re located. The retreats I propose are on sacred sites and places of peace and power to heal our bodies, enlighten our minds and inspire our hearts. I accompany you to discover your inner truth, your divine nature, your own divine guidance, live the life you came to live on earth and find wholeness, joy, peace and light.

I listen to you with all my love, my listening and my availability in the respect of everyone free will. I realize the care you’ve asked and my intuition guides me to the best practice for you.

Do not forget, we are all co-creators!


For the little story…

Since my childhood, I have always felt different. Hypersensitive and Empath, I felt emotionally and sometimes physically when someone was going through hard emotional time, even though the person were smiling and acting like nothing was wrong. These emotions were for me cause of inner disharmony because I did not understand what I was living.

I always believed in angels, fairies… I remember a book in my father library when I was 8 years old about life after death. At this age I was questioning myself on life after death and believed in soul. I didn’t know yet that this book led me to follow my mediumnity. I had no one to talk about my feelings and I started to think I wasn’t normal. Years of struggle and inner conflict without understanding.

Then in 2012, as many human being’s life, my life went through a lot of changes. I had everything I used to think could make everyone happy. I was married, one beautiful kid, we were all in good health, I had an interesting well paid job, a nice house, friends, just missed the dog. But I felt a deep lack of something important and decided to do nothing. I hidden myself in my job and pretending I was fine during the three following years. But while I was miles away from my true nature, something I called “nature takes its rights back” came to me. I made a professional and personal burnout.

The only thing I was able to do was to work with my hands, to write, to paint and also to heal, because I discovered, I had a natural gift of magnetism in my hands and after this burnout this magnetism in my hands just growth. I was just about to experience a spiritual awakening trough a profound existential crisis.  I lost my job, I divorced, I moved out with my kid in a new flat. I lost friends and family who didn’t understand and didn’t give credit to my new behaviour. Many synchronicities came to me, new people, books…pushing me into an intense emotional whirlwind, forcing me to understand my deep nature and to face certain truths.

All this path finished on a high in 2017 with the symptoms of a Twin Flames reconnection, a work on emotional and karmic cleaning, Kundalini awakening, and the dark night of soul experiencing with this egotistic death. All this to be born again. Yes a rebirth!

I was completely unaware of twin flame’s context and connection, this short encounter with my twin flam has completely changed my life, since from there, the path of returning to my inner truth has been accelerated. I discovered my divine nature, the one we all have deep inside us. I developed new perceptions with nature, spirits, my spiritual guides, environment and the spiritual world. My natural abilities and gifts of healing have appeared, and a reconnection to my soul. I felt the call of being a healer, a soul healer and a body healer. I felt the call of following my dreams. I worked on the expression of my abilities and gifts, and completed them with training in holistic therapies.

I’m still working on my unicity and wholeness in consciousness because every day with its new opportunities to growth.  I am also continually working on and developing my psychic and spiritual awareness.

It is a beautiful and rewarding journey. I now wish to share it with great joy.

I wish we could all find our inner divine soul and wholeness in ourselves.

Love,  Joy, Light, Peace and Gratitude!