About me

I am a Healer from generation to generation in my family, a Holistic Therapist, a Shaman and an Essenian Therapist. I am also Artist and Writer.

I am a woman committed to love, to life and the natural world, the same world we will leave to our children. I thrive one writing, singing, dancing, listening music, and I restore my energy balance in nature, in quiet and peaceful environments.

Forests fascinates me, with its mysteries, its sounds, its movements, its secrets and all Nature’s beings who living there and communicating together. It is a real resourcing and healing place for me.

Jesus and Mother Mary guide me since my childhood even though I’ve become aware of that much later in my life. It is therefore quite natural that they are both very present in the therapies I offer. Even though I am very close to the Christic and Mother Mary energies, my work has nothing religious and I am not part of any religion nor am I attached to any spiritual movement or current, which allows me to be free in my choices to serve the Divine Source, only the Divine Source. This Divine Source in who I believe, the Divine Source Mother&Father God and I recognize the Divine Source in everything, in every being, spirit, shape, life.

I see the Divine Source in You, in Nature, in the Universe, in Me, in All.

I like to say: “All is One, One is All, All is in One, One is in All”.

During therapies sessions I offer, I listen to you with all my love, my hear and my availability in the respect of your free will. I am guided by the Source to achieve the energetic harmonization you need. This can be an Essenian therapy, shamanic therapy, reiki therapy. I can use crystals, healing musical instruments and channelled songs to accompany the session. It could happen that heavenly spirits, guides of light, spirits of Nature Join the session, especially the spirits of the totem animals which accompany me daily. I don’t know in advance. However, they always manifest themselves with the greatest love and they are always a gift to you and me.

The session of energetic harmonization’s will allow you to set out the self-healing process within yourself, process we all have within us. Sometimes, if I am allowed, I use the gift of magnetism with hands that has been given to me by the Source, to ease, or even remove a pain.

I am the channel through which the Divine Source passes to bring you what you need, in the present moment, you are your own healer.

Remember, we are all Co-Creators!


For the little story…

Since my childhood, I have always felt different. Hypersensitive and empath, I felt emotionally and sometimes physically when someone was going through hard emotional time, even though the person were smiling and acting like nothing was wrong. This also happened with groups of people, in some places… These emotions were the cause of disharmony for me because I didn’t understand what I was experiencing. Society defined me as a weird person and with time I also ended up identifying myself to it. 

I always believed in angels, fairies… I remember a book in my father’s library. I found it when I was eight years old. This book was talking about life after death, which fascinated me. Even at that age, I was questioning myself about life after death. I always believed in the existence of the soul, of the spirit within us. I didn’t know yet that this book was leading me to follow my psychic abilities and I hadn’t put any words on it. I had no one to talk to about my feelings and I began to think that I was not normal. Years of struggle and inner conflict without understanding.

Then in 2012, as many human being’s life, my life goes through a lot of changes. I had everything I used to think could make everyone happy. I was married, I had one beautiful child, we were all in good health, I had an interesting well paid job, a nice house, friends, I just missed the dog. But I felt a deep lack of something important and decided to do nothing. I hidden myself in my job and pretending I was fine during the three following years. But while I was miles away from my true nature, something I called “nature takes its rights back” came to me. I made a professional and personal burnout.

The only thing I was able do was to work with my hands, write, paint and also heal, because I discovered that I had a natural gift of magnetism in my hands, and after this burnout, this magnetism awakened. I was going through a spiritual awakening during a deep existential crisis.  I lost my job, got divorced, moved with my child to a new flat. I lost connection with friends and family on this path, because they did not understand and did not give credit to my new behaviour

Numerous physical and emotional issues forced me to do a deep inner healing work, to free myself from painful emotions from my past in this life, in my past lives and from the Trans generational ones. 

I’ve been isolated from society for many years during this process of returning into my sacred and divine nature. I would describe the process as a way of the cross to learn and heal. This cross having for me two meanings, the first one is about an inner pilgrimage, of carrying our own  cross to get out of the illusion of self in order to access to our Divine Being Nature. And the second meaning is about accessing the balance and fusion of our two polarities yin and yang, at the central point of this cross.

During this journey, synchronicities came to me, new encounters some incarnate on earth and some others immaterial, and also books and readings on this spiritual path pushed me in an intense emotional whirlwind, forcing me to understand my deep nature, my sacred nature, the one we all have, and to face certain truths. All this to reborn again. Yes a rebirth!

 I discovered my divine and sacred nature, the one we all have deep inside. I developed new perceptions with nature, spirits, my spirits guides, the environment and the spiritual world. My natural abilities and healing gifts were increasingly expressed. I experienced a reconnection to my soul. I felt the call to be a healer, a healer of the soul and a healer of the body. I felt the call to pursue my dreams and I authorized myself to express my creativity.

I worked on the expression of my abilities and gifts, and completed them with training in holistic therapies. I have also been taught by the Divine Source and light guides. During my spiritual awakening, I had been warned in a psychic vision of a coming training with the invisible world. And that was what happened. I was able to recover gifts and abilities from past lives like the healing therapies from Essenians.

I’m still working on my unicity and wholeness in consciousness because every day with its new opportunities to growth.  I am also continually working on and developing my psychic and spiritual awareness.

It is a beautiful and rewarding journey. I now wish to share it with more people with great joy.

I would like us all to find our inner divine soul and wholeness within ourselves.

Love, Joy, Light, Peace and Gratitude!

Maimouna LY