Hi, my name is Bella Santana. I’m a regular customer of Maimouna LY. I’m quite pleased with the high level of quality services that she offered to me. Reiki, Shamanic and also Oracles readings.
Definitely I had seen and improvements on my physical and mental health. During her sessions she will have visions about what’s we need to work in the spiritual level in order to achieve a better health.
I believe she is a highly professional type of person and expertise on her field and with so many innate talents.
Kind, caring and helpful always.
A natural healer, very passionate about what she is doing. A great singer and dancer too. Something I like about her she is a very knowledge and a humble type of person.
I would highly recommend to anyone.
Thank you to Maimouna for all the help and support she offered to me.
My sincerely
Bella Santana, Edinburgh

I highly recommend Maimouna. She helped me released some knees pain I had for a long time. She also helped me find answers by mylself about questions I had for my life. Working with her, her kindness, her intuition has been very helpful.
Marie, Edinburgh


A friend introduced me to Maimouna, and I found her session very suppportive and healing. I would highly recommend her.
Sonia, Paris