“Wow! What a wonderful experience, deeply relaxing and restorative. The temperature was perfect, the room was quiet, you couldn’t fault the warm welcome. Maimouna is a professional through and through, so if Reiki Usui is new to you, I promise you are in trustworthy, capable hands. If you need to talk, book in extra time because Maimouna is an excellent listener and a true empath.”
Louise, Edinburgh

I’m a regular customer of Maimouna. I’m quite pleased with the high level of quality services that she offered me, Reiki, Shamanic healing, and Oracles readings.
I had seen and improvements in my physical and mental health. I believe she is a highly professional type of person who has expertise in her field and so many innate talents.
She is kind, caring, and always helpful; a natural healer, very passionate about her work. Something I like about her she is a very knowledgeable and humble type of person.
I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Thank you, Maimouna, for all the help and support you offered to me.
Bella, Edinburgh 

Maimouna is a beautiful person. She is a good listener. In search of understanding about myself, I called on her. I received a lot. She helped me open up more and more to my intuitive abilities and communicate with my spiritual guides, spirits of the totem animals that accompany me. A big thanks to her. If you are interested in spiritual awakening too, she may help you a lot. She is also a caring and trustworthy person. I highly recommend her.
France-Line, France

I highly recommend Maimouna. She helped me release some knees pain I had for a long time. She also helped me find answers by myself about questions I had for my life. Working with her, her kindness, her intuition has been very helpful.
Marie, Glasgow

Maimouna is a gentle and non-judgmental therapist. No need to tell all the details of your life; you will see by yourself her extraordinary abilities to detect your blockages, and to help you relieve your pains, whether they are physical or emotional. I have complete confidence in Maimouna and her healing gifts. I highly recommend her.
Sabine, France

A friend introduced me to Maimouna, and I found her session very supportive and healing. I would highly recommend her.
Sonia, France