Give yourself a time for a loving inner reflection about who you truly are. Find a way to connect with the Divine Being you are, to heal, to enlighten your minds, to inspire your hearts and reconnect your Soul Body and Mind by coming into our journeys and retreats.

Some of the activities you may enjoy during your personal retreat stay include:

Exploring spiritual practices, an inner journey within yourself
Deep meditation to connect with your Inner Self
Life Purpose and Soul Mission
Reconnect with you Divine Being
Awaken your Spiritual gifts
Communicate with your Light Spirits Guides
Meet your Power Animal
Breaking out of routine
Sound Healing Bath
Energy Healing Sessions
Art Therapy activities
Peaceful, Nurturing and Healing places with Nature
Walking through peace and power places, visiting woods.

A retreat can be a one day or last as long as a week depending on the retreat program. Generally, people come for a personal retreat and also add in a few days for a personal vacation to visit the places.

Next Retreat: April 2023 in Scotland (Perthshire)
All the details will be posted soon…

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