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I’m offering a different approach to the body, mind and soul – a holistic, revitalising and beneficial way for the receiver. Although I offer basic massage therapies: Swedish massage –  Deep Tissue massage – Aromatherapy massage – Lymphatic Drainage massage, I also use massage as a system of transformation and a healing tool.
I use not only my hands, but also my forearms and elbows, and move around the table with different movements. I use my breath and energy to pay full attention to the body I am massaging, softening both superficial and deep tissues.
Through understanding and empathy, I would like to help you to achieve the deep state of wellbeing to which you alone hold the key, in a safe and supportive environment.

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Full Body Massage 90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Swedish Massage  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Deep Tissue Massage  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Aromatherapy Massage  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Luxury Aromatherapy Massage  90min/£95 _60min/£75
Traditional Indian Head Massage  45min/£50 _30min/£40
Traditional Indian Head Massage and Energy Harmonisation  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Amani ritual massage, Ancestral massage for the Body Soul and Mind)  90min/£85 _60min/£60

If you’re an athlete, think about relaxing your muscles, it will help you feel the parts of your body that have worked the hardest, and the satisfaction of your efforts. It will give your muscles a break by oxygenating them deeply and gently.
This massage can also bring great comfort to people suffering from stress, depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort and trauma; and to people in mourning or grief. It can also benefit those during a change in their relationship or at work.
It can also help you reach a state of relaxation you’ll want to return to again and again.

Benefits of massage
Muscular tensions’ release
Physical body rejuvenated and more supple
Improved healing
Renewed energy
Your lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems reactivated
Release of negative emotions and beliefs
Your confidence and self-esteem are restored
Your well-being restored
Each massage will give you different sensations: sometimes physical well-being and relaxation, sometimes it will bring out buried emotions, tears, laughter and smiles; at other times, you may see colours, feel energy shifts, release old memories, and feel more strongly connected to your soul or spirituality.

Naomha OM massage is a powerful form of treatment, the effects (physical and emotional) of which vary from one individual to another. In the days following the treatment, you may experience a range of emotions, revealing energies in motion. Don’t worry about this, just observe these emotions without becoming attached to them, and let them be and pass. It may even be that the restorative effects of the massage and the rebalancing of mind and body will continue for weeks after the treatment.

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25 Palmerston Place, EH12 5AP, Edinburgh, Arthur Conan Doyle Centre. I offer also distance healing therapies. I could be mobile, only for those who have mobility condition.