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Learn Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Level 3 Master/Teacher Level (to become a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner/Instructor)

Who this course is for?

This course is intended for those new to Reiki or for individuals who want to take their spiritual practice to the next level. By learning and understanding this course material, receivers will also have the opportunity to heal and grow.

You may be wondering why to learn Reiki? 

You can learn Reiki to have a practical way to take your well-being and health into your own hands. From my experience, a lot of time, people who wish to receive a Reiki Attunement feel a call and need to understand a bit more about energies and their spiritual beings.

In one way or another, healing or spiritual awareness, we are looking for a deeper understanding of ourselves, of life.

Whether it’s because of a lot of stress in our lives, loss of meaning, such as being in a job that does not resonate, distancing from what makes us feel good energetically – rest, nature…, effects are the same, energy imbalances leading to discomfort, never-ending questions, illnesses.
Reiki attunement will recreate the connection between the receiver’s Spirit – Soul – Body -Mind and the universal divine energy allowing the receiver to constantly connect with his true nature and channel energy when needed to restore her/his energy.

Reiki is a safe energy healing. Some people think there is specific energy called Reiki, but Reiki is working with the divine natural energy.

Reiki Levels

There are three or four different levels, depending of the teacher. While some Reiki teachers include the Lever Master Teacher in the Level 3 some other prefer to give the Teacher Level in a different attunement.

It is necessary to allow time between each level to integrate the new energy and the learning, which will be different for each person. It could be months, years. Everyone is different. You don’t need to learn all level if you don’t intend to be yourself a Reiki Teacher.

Level 1 Reiki Usui – Shoden 

Reiki Level 1 covers the basics of reiki, the field of energy healing, and enables receivers to begin using Reiki on themselves and others* (friends and relatives) during in-person sessions.

This level takes place over two days and includes three atunements.

A detailed explanatory booklet will be provided.

You will Lean

  • What is Reiki?
  • How to use Reiki as a healing and personal growth system
  • The history of Reiki and how it has changed over time
  • The Five Reiki Principles
  • First Level Symbol
  • Feel the energy in your palms
  • Basic understanding of the meridians, nadis and chakra energy systems in the body
  • Techniques and Practices to help you access your intuition, to discover and refine your subtle perceptions.
  • Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on yourself and others* (Level 2 gives the Certificate of Reiki Practitioner)
  • Subtle bodies, the aura, the universal energy, the effects of treatment on the physical body and the subtle bodies

The focus of Reiki Level 1 is to unlock the energy channel throughout the receiver and to help get started on a regular self-healing practice at home and on others in a friendly environment.

What are the Reiki level 1 requirements?

 There are no requirements for the Reiki level besides having an open mind.

Level 2 Reiki Usui – Okuden

Reiki 2 provides a deeper understanding of Reiki, and receivers learn to send remote Reiki through time and space. In Reiki 1 the focus was on you. In Reiki 2, the focus is on others. Though you may begin practising Reiki on yourself and others after learning reiki level 1, the focus of level 2 is to expand your practice beyond yourself and allow you to use your practice on others to a professional level.

You will Lean

  • All about the 3 Basic Reiki Symbols (including the one given on Level 1)
  • Remote energy harmonisation session
  • Explore multiple methods for performing Reiki 
  • Receive advanced techniques, meet your light spirit guides and access different levels of consciousness 
  • You will learn and experience the benefits of regular meditation

What are the Reiki level 2 requirements?

To attend a Reiki 2 certification class, you must already be trained, attuned and certified in Reiki 1.

For those who have completed their level 2 with another teacher I ask a pre-course meeting and sharing session to discuss how to take the learning forward together in the best way since there is considerable variation in Reiki practice and teaching, and also you can see if I am the right teacher for you

Level 3 Reiki Usui – Shinpiden + Master Teaching Level –Togo

 Reiki “Shinpiden”, or the reiki master level, attunement elevates practitioners to a higher level of consciousness and awareness about universal laws and expands your understanding of Reiki. Receiving this attunement and training represents a deep commitment to the practice and ideology of Reiki.


 Reiki “Gokuiaden” closes the Reiki teaching by linking the previous symbols received at levels 1 to 3. It is the level of a Master-Teacher, for those who want to become Reiki Teachers. Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher also represents a deep personal commitment to the Reiki practice. That’s why the receiver must think of it seriously, let the time go by, learn from life, observe and prepare to be a good teacher. 


 The more you use Reiki by doing Self-treatments and practising on others, the more you release unnecessary patterns and raise your vibration, which will help you channel the energy for transmission during a session or an attunement. You build foundations for better health, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual unfoldment, removing obstacles, moving forward, and overall life stability by learning Reiki. Also, the energy can flow through you to other people more freely, unrestricted.

21-days Reiki integration process

  After every level, there are 21 days of cleansing energies after each Reiki level. These days are important in assisting your physical, subtle bodies and electromagnetic field to integrate this new, powerful Reiki energy stream into your being. Please do not limit yourself to only doing these for 21 days. When you feel the call to have a Self-treatment, do it.

Duration and Fees

Level 1:£180, two successive days

Level 2: £230, two successive days

Level 3: Fees on request Level 3 + Master Teacher, three successive days for Shinpiden + and Togo if doing together, if not, 2 successive days + 1 day.

Next attunements sessions

Sessions are available on request at: or 07751143584


The Teacher

Maimouna LY

I am a Healer from generations of healers in her family, a Holistic Therapist, and a Shaman. I am also an Artist and a Writer, a woman committed to love, life, and the natural world, the same world we will leave to our children. I thrive on writing, singing, dancing, listening to music, and restoring her energy balance in nature, in quiet and peaceful environments. I will listen to you with all her love, heart, and availability during the therapies and sessions she offers and runs.

I have learned Reiki from two different schools. Western Reiki at first and then traditional Reiki, which allows me to have a deeper understanding of what Reiki is. I believe that Reiki is much more than a holistic approach to well-being. It’s a state of being. “We are Reiki. We are energy”. The universal divine energy flows within us even though we cannot always see it. I like to compare it to the air we breathe, the air we can’t see. 

I also want to transmit an art of living in harmony with ourselves, others, nature, and the universal divine energy in everything. 

One is All, All is One, One is in All, All is in One. 

The Divine Universal Energy flows within us. It nurtures us and allows us to live in harmony. When the energy no longer flows freely in our body, ill-being sets in.


Teacher Lineage

(From Mikao Usui the Founder of Reiki Usui)
















Make an enquiry: If you need more information you can contact me directly
Maimouna LY   /   +44 7751 143 584  /