In Nature events

A beautiful and resourceful experience in nature. New people are welcome.

In Nature events 

Coming soon: August 2023

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Workshop:  Shamanic journey through dance, movements and songs in Forest

When: Friday 26 May 2023, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm, 1 hour and half
Location: Balerno, Edinburgh
Open to everyone from the age of 18

Fee: £18  (sliding scale, please contact if you want to discuss your personal circumstances)

What to bring
-Dress for the weather (athough there will be a fire, evenings outdoors in May could still be cold)
-Comfortable and warm clothes
-Open Mind and open Heart
-Water to drink

At Balerno: Meet at The Planetary Healing Community Woodland, Cockburnhill Road, Balerno, EH14 7JB. Bus 44 / 44A. Stop at the third bus stop after the roundabout, enter Cockburnhill Road, walk approximately 15 minutes, at the V junction turn right and walk 2 minutes. There will be a small wooden gate, last pick up from the gate is at 6:45pm.

Transport: If you need transport from/to Edinburgh, we have 2 spaces available in our car from Haymarket to the woodlands, please contact Elisabeth as soon as possible to organise if you need a lift.

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If you need more information please contact me:
All enquiries to Maimouna Ly at  / 07751143584.

Let’s gather together in nature to reconnect with yourself and others, immerse in the healing powers of the natural elements with fire, water, air, earth and ether through dance, movement and shamanic songs.

Being in nature naturally invites us to quieten our active mind, slow down our rhythms to gently harmonise with nature’s energy. Spend a time of guided meditation with shamanic songs and instruments, and let yourself feel, sense and experience the joy, the tranquillity and the inner fire within each of us as we gently remember our true essence and our own inner guidance, intuition and wisdom.

The Dance of Return: The Inner dance session will follow the symbolic cycle of life. The dance will start and finish the same way with breathwork and accompanying movement through birth, childhood, adulthood, surrendering and back again to the breath: the spark of life, the moment just before birth. We will explore each stage in the cycle of life through movement and dance by connecting and being immersed in the 5 natural elements.

All are welcome, no experience is necessary. Every session is different, we will connect to the energy of the group and facilitate according to what is the most beneficial in our time of gathering.


Mu Harmony with Elisabeth Landgraf, Shamanic visionary and Psychic Artist
Naomha OM with Maimouna LY, Shamanic practioner, Intuitive Artist

All enquiries to Maimouna Ly at  / 07751143584.

Booking and Payment Options
Payable via direct bank transfer, or Eventbrite or in Person on the event’s Day. For booking, email or text your name, first name, number of people attending and preferred way of contact or use Eventbrite link below:

How to participate

Please send me an email, with the title of the event, the number of participants and I will answer back with the details concerning the event.

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Useful Information

Please check the fees indicated for every workshop.
Participants are restricted number especially when we’re doing indoor workshops. Please kindly provide notice if you need to cancel your participation.
Online, Indoors and Outdoors – UK, FRANCE – Please check the location indicated for each workshop.

Energetic healing practices are spiritual in nature. They do not interfere with any medical treatments a client may be following under a doctor’s care. In no way does energetic healing work replace such medical treatments. Please ensure you make the best decision to keep yourself safe and be aware that you are responsible for your wellbeing.