If you are interested in well-being, spiritual healing, holistic therapies, natural healing and spiritual awakening, you’ve come to the right place.

Come for a magical experience for your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit!  Whether remotely or in person. 

Human consciousness is growing, and more and more people now understand human beings are more than just physical bodies. We are divine spirits living an experience in a physical body; creative beings through whom the soul radiates divine light.

Finding harmony, peace, joy and love is not only a matter of caring for the body but an awareness of the whole being: The Body, The Soul, The Spirit and, I would say, also the Mind, allowing us to follow the call of the Divine Spirit we are.

Self-awareness rather than self-illusion is the start of a spiritual healing journey. It’s a path of transformation, a journey that connects body, soul and mind and gives our Divine Spirit the guidance to allow our life to be fully aligned with our life purpose.


About me 

I am a Healer from generations of healers in my family, a Holistic Therapist, a Shamanic Practionner. I am also Artist and Writer. I am a woman committed to love, life, and the natural world, the same world we will leave to our children. I thrive on writing, singing, dancing, listening to music, and restoring my energy balance in nature in quiet and peaceful environments.
During therapies sessions I offer, I listen to you with all my love, heart, and availability.

Want to know more about me:
About me – Naomha Om


  • Care for your Body: Eat healthy – Exercise – Enjoy time in nature – Get enough sleep…
  • Care for your Spirit: Create, whatever you like – Write -Draw – Paint – Sing – Dance – Read
  • Care for your Mind: Meditate – Feel Gratitude – Love – Open your mind…
  • Care for your Soul: Listen to you inner voice guidance – Trust yourself – Follow your dreams

Please note that all retreats are suspended for the moment. If you want to know when they will be back again, you can subscribe to the newsletter or send an email to naomhaom@gmail.com. 

Working Places – How to book

I’m working at three different places: From home in my healing room, at OMH Therapies and at Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.

At OMH Therapies, I’m offering Energy based treatments and massages therapies.
Monday and Wednesday afternoon, Tuesday and Saturday all day
Home – OMH Therapies | Massage | Healing | Yoga | Edinburgh – OMH


At Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, I’m offering holistic therapies (Shamanic Healing, Reiki) Thursday and Friday.
Private Therapies at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre


Outside these two places and hours I’m also m working from home. Please note that with my ethics code, I can only take bookings from old clients I had before working in these places or new clients I never had in any of these places.

Book a Therapy or a Service
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Participate in a Workshop
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Participate in a Spiritual Retreat
You could send me an email by clicking on the link below, with your request and any other questions you may have.
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