Energy Based sessions
Shamanic Healing  90min/£85 _60min/£60
Reiki   45min/£50 _30min/£40
Counselling / Mindfulness session 90min/£85 _60min/£60

Full Body Massage 90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Swedish Massage  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Deep Tissue Massage  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Aromatherapy Massage  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Luxury Aromatherapy Massage  90min/£95 _60min/£75
Traditional Indian Head Massage  45min/£50 _30min/£40
Traditional Indian Head Massage and Energy Harmonisation  90min/£85 _60min/£60 _ 45min/£50 _30min/£40
Amani ritual massage (Massage Body Mind Soul)  90min/£85 _60min/£60

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
From 9am to 9pm

Spoken Language
English and French

Naomha OM
Arthur Conan Doyle Centre Building
12 Palmerston Place, EH12 5AP
077511433584 /