Resolution of Timelines: Final Sequences

Blessings Beloveds ~

EMBRACING the 10-10 this day ~ Our experience of time shifts yet again during this Gateway week (through the Full Moon.) It was expected to be strong – and in my experience, it is. Divine Bliss intensifies, heart expansion overriding all lesser realities …

Creativity is renewed; external demands for a productive output are laughable. The creative stops and starts are teaching us FLOW in the moment. A new productivity, a new way of BEing.

Lightcodes – Freedom codes – are resetting the body. If you’re sleepy, hydrate (plasma makes us thirsty) and lay down. If you just want to be in nature, heed that intuitive nudge. Self-care is vital as the DNA rewrites the physical. Paint, dance, play music, relax.

This final (you heard that right) 10-10, 11-11, 12-12 sequence is *resolving timelines* as they say upstairs. Every morning meditation has the 2020 cosmic event horizon in view. We can feel it. More on that after the Gate.

We hit the sacred seven year mark of Gaia’s ascension on the 12-12-12 (12-12-2019). Everyone participating is ON that higher trajectory, which is changing your experience for the better – to something new.

For those who have seen the 12-12 Gate as a cosmic event all year long, this is an open invitation to join fellow Gatekeepers & Gridworkers (and the folks who love them) for a 5D gathering in Sedona on the 121212. Details HERE.

I AM enjoying the peaceful upgrades in this Now. Enjoy the earlier article about the anatomy of a Timeline Shift, for details of how timelines unfold with cosmic influxes.

The intensification of Divine Love purifies the memory fields, which are the emotional creations of the collective which create our experience of time. The re-alignment of your path with the higher trajectory is the purpose of these clearing energies.

This is the 2020 energies already in play (since mid-year.) Acceleration is ON. Freedom Codes are activated by the Embodiers, through the ascending collective. Receive the bliss, level up. Dismiss concerns about operating in the lower realities. This is our task at the moment.

Rehearse the feeling of bliss, gratitude, global forgiveness and abundance OFTEN. It changes your DNA, your energy fields, and your timeline choice. Then create, light-ground, take action to pull that reality into your lifestream.

October 4 -13: Gateway focus.

:: We are in it ::

Remember the intensity is pulling apart lesser realities. If you find yourself entangled with them, now is the moment to change lanes. Give yourself the gift of responsible Creation: Feel it, rehearse it, be grateful for all of it.

Utilize your superpower of LOVE. Higher choices,moment to moment. The heart field expands and reveals discord within. Pay attention to any resistance to change and shift what is presenting as uncomplimentary. Be in your Mastery.

Mastery is not about control, it is the ability to apply Love to everything until your become a pure conduit of Source.

Our Gateway focus of October 4-13 (through the Full Moon) is delivering a unique brand of positive intensity. A heart-centered reminder to be a responsible Creator: Feel, visualize and FEEL the Primary vibration of the higher 2020 trajectory in this Now.

Pause. Get outside in the cosmic influx to receive light codes Now.

Unity in this Now

SUNday October13: Full Moon at 2:10pm PDT and Global Unity Meditations. Join us at at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am, 2:11pm (Full Moon) and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity/

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Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,