Mother Earth – Be the best version of YOU, that’s how you help me

Greetings my dear children, I am Gaia or Mother Earth, as I have learned.

I am so happy to see you all contribute to my ascent and liberation. A return to bliss and peace from the higher vibrations, and a liberation from what no longer serves us in our path. Because it has been a long journey in your linear time. There were many climbs and descents, almost to the point of no return, but yet you, my dear children, you clung to the inner light and you said no, humanity and Mother Earth will not fall back, we will go up! And we will get up, my dear children.

It is through these waves of energy, that we will continue to rise, and it is thanks to your hard work of transmutation of all the old energy and liberation of the old programming, that we are destined to us. elevate, elevate us as a beacon of light that will shine through the Galaxy and into the Universe.

It’s like I’m getting up to a point, I’m waiting for you to catch up, and then, when you’re almost catching up, I get up again, and so on at the point of arrival, which is the frequency in the 5th dimension. Know that in the core of my Being, I am already 5th dimensional and it is my surface that plays catch-up. As I get up and acclimate myself to energies, you do the same. Because I have to stay one step ahead in order to maintain a solid foundation for all of you, to keep the balance, as if all this were to happen at the same time, it would be too much overheating and a disaster would occur.

So, know that when you acclimate to a wave of energies, I acclimatize to another, and that will be the case until the final change happens and everything is then in alignment with my Self and the vibrations of the 5th dimension. So do not worry, dear hearts, and know that I’m doing well as we go through all the upheavals in jumps and boundaries now.

It is by integrating these energies and increasing your frequency that you help me and all those around you. The best thing you can do to help me right now is to work on your own inner peace, your harmony and to raise your own vibration. It is very important that as an individual on Earth you continue to work on your own inner world because, as you all know, your reality reflects your inner world. And so, children, I ask you to help me, helping you yourself! It’s as simple as that right now. Yes, there is a lot of waste and pollution that needs to be cleaned up, and this happens and will happen even more once your star brothers and sisters can step in more actively. You can also help in this way by picking up the garbage you see, and then by demonstrating this act in public you can, hopefully, reach out to another’s mind and inspire them to do the same. thing.

What I want you all to do, right now, is to be the BEST version of you that you can be! Bring the light, put the light to the earth and share the light, dear ones, that’s how I ask you to help me right now, being your true Self. Bring your pure essence filled with love and joy, do not focus on the negative aspects of my surface world, but rather on all the positive things. My green grass, the beautiful trees and the flowers, touch them, feel them, be them! Concentrate on my rivers flowing, cleaning and cleaning the side of the mountain, on my ocean which is a playground for all my aquatic creatures, on my forests full of playful laughter, where animals roam freely and live in peace. Yes, there are still parts where destruction occurs, but do not be weighed down by that, because it will soon be nonexistent with all the other damage that is done. So, know that in the very near future, all this nonsense will stop and the reforestation work will begin, and the pollution will be cleaned up.

So, the main priority that I am asking you now, dear ones, is to simply be your Authentic Self. Be the best possible version of you, while anchoring and bringing light and then everything will start to change in your reality and you will help me so much more than if you were insisting on pollution and what is happening in the destruction of my lands. Concentrate on what is good and you will create good, this is my message to you children. Be the light and you will create the light.

I am your Mother Gaia and I am so grateful for the work you do; I love you,