Synchronicities, a signal to lead our lives by ourselves?

Have you ever wondered why you are so attracted to a place, a country, an animal, to someone. I’m not talking here about romantic love attraction, I’m talking about the feeling of having a connection, a link with someone, a place… whatever it is. Have you ever wondered why for example three people in the same week tell you, you should read a specific book. Or why you’re questioning yourself about leaving your house for your dream destination and then you suddenly see a advertising panel in the street telling you “time to move” …

Let me tell a story. One of my best friend called me a few days ago. She asked me if I knew this guy, a brilliant lawyer, who one day, left everything he got to start a new career as a meditation and yoga teacher. She said, everybody is talking about him, we can see him everywhere. Over the phone, I felt the sparkling about her new discovering in her voice and I knew for sure that she had already make up her mind about going in this teacher’s class. Then she asked me what I do think of him, and If she should attend one of his class. I said to myself, everyone is talking about him? what do I think of him? Honestly, I didn’t know this guy, he was certainly doing good things. I wasn’t sure either everyone was talking about him. But I was sure of one thing though, my friend soul got already all the answers, but for some reason her mind was trying to put a question where there was no questioning at all. The Universe was simply sending her repeatedly synchronicities to go deeper in her spirituality, and one of them was a suggestion to meditate. What was the risk for her to go to this yoga class and see by herself if she felt well, happy, if she learned something that may be helpful in her life. And if not, she was not committed to anyone, she could simply leave at any time. And what do I think of this teacher was not the point or not even important. My friend wanted to share this information with me, not only because we were friends, but because she was looking after a validation by a person, she thought is familiar with meditation. But I couldn’t be the validator for her. I mean life and her soul already showed her the path to follow by all these synchronicities coming repeatedly to her, to her not to me. That last point is a clue. Let me explain why.

Synchronicity is a sign, an experience, an unlikely or impossible coincidence that cannot be explained by luck or chance, a set of messages coming from outside, which helps us make our choices, our hearts decisions. When we have a dream to follow, a question, a choice, that are held in our souls, our minds and we are looking for a confirmation, then synchronicities show up to help us make the right choice. And this is why only ourselves could read the real messages of synchronicities. The same synchronicity could mean different things from someone to another depending on what everyone is thinking and expecting. The synchronicity you experience is only accurate and complete for you. It’s your interpretation. What I’m saying here, is that my friend is the only validator of messages the Universe was sending to her.

Synchronicities happen in our day to day life; it is our conscious awareness state that makes us see them or not. Sometimes though, our mental freaks out because it seems too irrational for him or we choose simply to ignore them because they will imply some huge changes, and we are not ready for that. But this all ok because life will continue to bring us life situations to deal with to be ready to go in our right paths. As synchronicities tends to happen when you need it, they will come again to us when we are ready as a clue telling us we are in the right direction, a kind of validation that what we were thinking about is right, is good, go ahead.

I spent 22 years living in Paris, two years before I moved from Paris to Edinburgh, I was thinking of moving in a different city. Since I was young, I was attracted to Scotland. So, when I thought about moving, a little voice inside me was thinking about why not move in a different country, and why not move in Scotland. Then my mental showed up, with its billion questions: different country, language, behaviours, give up my friends, my family, rebuild everything again? And what will happen if I fail in this new life? What people will think of me?…While my mental was freaking out, I received repeatedly synchronicities helping me step into this new life I wanted to build. Every time I was thinking about my next destination, I’ve got a clue, I picked up a conversation of a total stranger in the street talking about his sister who live in Scotland, I heard while I was watching a movie “tomorrow I’m going to Edinburgh”, I heard a lot of bagpipes songs wherever I went, I met a new friend who happens to live in Edinburgh… so many signs, I couldn’t tell all of them, but I needed those to help me because this decision was one of the most important in my life. Today, I know this was the right experience to live at this time of my life.

We are not only a physical body. We are more than that. We are a spiritual being with a physical body, and with Mother Earth raising her vibrations into the 5th dimension we become more and more aware of our connections with the Universe.

It is time for us to take the lead of our dreams, our decisions and trust our intuitions, the synchronicities around us. It is time for us to be our own validator and not let this privilege to anyone else, because it will only take our magic and power away. We are spiritual beings with a physical body.

Ps: Of course, everyone should use his own judgment to consider what truly synchronicities are. We need to be careful in this ultra-connected world, where computers, phones and our web researches are sometimes tracked, and where options are suggested.

Maimouna LY