Reconnection to Our Sacred Nature – Gratitude and the Power of the Present Moment

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions. It allows us to receive with a positive attitude hardest moment of our lives, to lighten up when we are struggling with difficulties, and to replace them with love for ourselves and others. This result then acts as a magnet in our lives since we make ourselves available to higher positive vibrations in the universe and life then becomes a great game. We can begin to attract beautiful synchronicities, wonderful encounters, healing miracles… because we have simply opened the door to a world of vibrations where we attract what we are. So from now on, I invite you to activate your power of Gratitude.

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude to release heavy or painful emotions, to free yourself from them
Gratitude feel joy,
Gratitude to increase your positive vibrations  and allow these new positive energies that surround you to attract positive events, beautiful synchronicities, to commune with life, not only Human life, but the life of all kingdoms, life in the Universe because all life is sacred.

Gratitude to open your consciousness to other realities

I would to propose you a little game about gratitude just for one day:

When you wake up

-Feel gratitude for having another day to live

-Feel gratitude for being in a warm bed with a wonderful pillow that saved you a big neck pain all day

-Feel gratitude for the breakfast you’re having, feel gratitude for the all the choices you have for this breakfast, feel gratitude for this good smell of coffee and to be able to feel it, feel gratitude to this farmer who has planted these seeds to produce coffee that came to you, feel gratitude to the good music, you’re listening to, feel gratitude for the artist behind this

-Feel gratitude to be able to be able to work from home in these particular times, and for those who are not, feel gratitude to be able to have time in your way work to listen a podcast, your favorite program, that makes you feel good

-Feel gratitude if you have a job that you like, if not, feel gratitude to be aware of that and try to make changes

Feel gratitude to be able to take a break at 10h, feel gratitude for the lunch break and all these food you’re eating, the land where they grew for this fresh, organic meal, otherwise feel gratitude to the land for having done everything to detoxify this meal of pesticides before it reaches your plate, feel gratitude to all the lives that have allowed this meal to reach you (fairies , gnomes, the farmer, the salesman, the cook), feel gratitude for having the finances to be able to pay for this meal

Feel gratitude for having a break before going back to work, and even though you have an unpleasant customer on the phone, think about the Toltec agreements and say “I don’t make it a personal matter” and feel gratitude for having reacted  in this way

Feel gratitude at home, to have the heating system working, feel gratitude for having your third meal in the day, feel gratitude when you’re taking  your shower and feeling warm running water on you, feel gratitude to this water that recycles from century to century, this water that hydrates us , washes us, the same water that our ancestors used

Feel gratitude to be able to rest, to watch a movie that you like, to read a good book, to kiss your children, your partner, or feel gratitude being able to call a friend  to  talk to

Feel gratitude for all those little things of everyday that you take for granted, as if it’s an obligation of life to give them to you, remember that life has not always been like this on earth and that even today there are people who have none of this.

A day of gratitude to begin and observe if something changes in your life. What you’ve attracted, synchronicities, even miracles eventually. It’s not just about saying it but really feeling it, it’s about the power of intention, then doing it for a few more days… until one day you don’t have to do it every day anymore because you’ve become  gratitude, and life becomes a great air of play where we thrive in a world of luminous vibrations and we attract the best situations for us.

For those who want to share with me this their feedback from this little game, I will be delighted. naomhaom@gmail.com

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